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A child is like a seed. You must water, nurture and provide the proper nutrients to ensure growth. Knowledge is the water, we provide the mentoring, and your time and donations are the nutrients that promote growth ensuring a child reaches their full potential.

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Joshua - since 2010

Josh has been accepted to the Los Angeles Soccer Academy.


for the future

9th Annual Smile on a Child trip is around the corner!

We are extremely excited to be joining forces once more with Eric Chavez and his team to bring aid to the children of the 'City of Refuge' orphanage in Rosarito, Mexico. We will be bringing warm winter clothing, toys, and lots of love to these forgotten children to let them know that we care. All of your generous contributions for the month of December will go directly to these beautiful children. 

Since 2005, the Community Enrichment Project has devoted its energy to passionately advocate for the underprivileged, neglected, and forgotten youth of our community. Have you been looking for a worthwhile cause? We invite you to get involved. You can make an immediate impact by volunteering your time and skills or by making a generous contribution to our cause. Contact us now and make a difference in a child's life..

Ruby - since 2009

Ruby is the recipient of the Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year Award.

Angel - since 2005

Angel will be attending NAU to study Astronomy in the Fall. Good luck!

Acting, Drama, Comedy, all aspects of the fine arts that we need to encourage. We are working diligently to open an acting class to encourage the children who are interested in acting out their dreams. We need your help to get this program of the ground.

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Community Enrichment Project is a vocal advocate for children at risk of going

down the wrong path in life. We provide

athletic, academic and life-skills training, encouraging them to envision a future

outside of their current environment.

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